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The treble: The Complete Story; PT Video; 145 minutes; £19.99

As a long-suffering reviewer of PT videos (that's the videos produced by PT, not videos of people doing gymnastics) (get on with it - ed) I approached this latest offering with all the enthusiasm of Richard Prior at a Ku Klux Klan rally.

However, past suffering was temprarily forgotten while watching their latest effort as I was forced to come out from behind the sofa and admit that it's actually quite good.

Oh alright then, it's very good.

Billing itself as "the complete story", there's little argument here as it contains the goals from every game Celtic played last season except the last two, which, of course, we lost. A bit churlish that, as the video actually contains the goals from the 5:1 defeat at Ibrox, set to Pachelbel's "Canon" no less. Quite what the tone is supposed to be is anybody's guess.

Still, a small fault. All the great moments are there and the film's producers have managed to find a good balance of action and talking heads - for once.

The usual suspects feature, of course, such as Our Favourite Martin, Neil Lennon and Henrik Larsson, but it was also interesting to hear from Petta, Agathe, Douglas and Petrov. Even Vega gets his tuppence worth.

The behind the scenes footage is interesting and there's also the goals from Celtic's winter shut down visit to the States. The highlights for me were the Bobby Murdoch tribute and the Cup Final segment, complete with a Martin O'Neill impersonator almost indistinguishable from the real thing!

If I have one criticism it's that the video version (the DVD was still not available as we went to print) comes as two tapes. The first part relates the story of last season up to the winter break while the second has all the juicy bits. Some people might like this idea but I find it a real pain in the arse. Maybe it's to create the impression that customers are getting value for money. Nearly twenty quid is a bit much for two hours and a bit which could easily have been rendered onto one tape.

Nonetheless, this is as enjoyable a way to pass a couple of hours as I could find during a summer with nothing bar pre-pubescent football to watch.