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Twists and Turns: The Story of Three-in-a-Row Season 2007-08; Celtic FC; £14.99

It would have to be said that this column hasn’t been particularly friendly towards the folks at Celtic Media in recent years. The DVD releases they have produced for the past two seasons have received what might be called a serious kicking in these pages on the basis that they were seemingly cheap, hastily assembled efforts that existed only to rake in a few more pounds and not to provide a decent picture of what actually occurred during the season.

So I am delighted to tell you that they appear to have finally got their act together and produced something worth buying in Twists and Turns.

For all that these things take on a standard format, each chapter featuring a month from the season, in this case illustrated with a cover of the Celtic View from that month (nice bit of cross over advertising there) the faults with the previous efforts have all lain in the detail; cheesy music, horrific script, dodgy interviews and questionable use of footage have blighted them in the past.

This one has unobtrusive music (not so good or bad that you even notice it much), a decent script read by Archie MacPherson, no interviews of any kind, fitting tributes to both Tommy Burns and Phil O’Donnell and, best of all, does all the right things with the action.

Defeats are shown so that the full scale of the mountain we had to climb in April/May is realised and victories are savoured with the exceptional goals shown from every possible angle.

My own favourites were actually in the little intros to each month which featured goals as seen from cameras placed at the very back of the Jock Stein and Lisbon Lions stands.The great thing about these shots is that they don’t cut away when the goal goes in, so you have all the player and stadium reactions in full.

As I’ve said these things follow a well worn format but this one stands up to repeat viewings in a way that the previous two don’t. The script is worth mentioning, especially when towards the end as Archie reads out, in his best witheringly sarcastic voice, the criticisms that were levelled at the team and proceeds to dismantle them. You know the sort of thing; Celtic have a leaky defence (er… best defence in the league), Celtic don’t have a decent forward line (umm…best striking partnership in the league) and so on. Most amusing.

So a pat on the back instead of a knee in the groin for the review DVD this year. Demand one from Santa now.

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