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My Search for Celtic's John
by Tom Greig

'My Search for Celtic's John' by Tom Greig is a recommended addition to your Celtic bookshelf for two very good reasons: the first is that a percentage of the sales go to a Motor Neurone charity; the second is that it's brilliant.

John Thomson's story has passed into the rich fabric of Celtic's folklore, and whether it's through stories recounted by older relatives, the moving lyrics of the song bearing his name or the haunting cine film of the calamitous collision with Sam English which resulted in him losing his life in trying to prevent a goal being scored against the Hoops, we all think we're familiar with it. This book goes way beyond these assumptions and paints a broader canvas which is at the same time enlightening, informative and moving.

The life and career of this remarkable young athlete - he had already played for Scotland before he died at the tender age of 22 and had a reputation which had spread far beyond his native country - are presented in incredible detail, a tribute to the author's meticulous research and genuine feeling towards his subject.

Contemporary written accounts are augmented with eye witness testimony ranging from childhood friends and acquaintances from Fife to someone who attended the fateful Old Firm game itself. They lend an immediacy to the book that marks it out as a genuine heavyweight contender in the Celtic history category.

As far as I know it is only available on the internet from www.thethomsonlegend.com which will take a bit of effort, but if you're at all interested in the life of a true legend of the club then do yourself a favour. You won't regret it.



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