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Over and Over; the Story of Seville edited by Anna Smith and Simon Houston; Daily Record; 255 pages including 48 pages of colour pictures; £9.99 paperback

It doesn't advertise it anywhere on the cover but this is a Daily Record publication. It's an attempt by various hacks to dupe the unwary into lining the coffers of a newspaper which described Celtic players on its front page as 'thugs and thieves', allegations that were later thrown out of court.

If the hacks who have churned out this tawdry effort are to be believed, the party in Seville would have been nothing without the Record's double-decker bus and their corporate shills handing out free papers and assorted tack.

It is as poorly written as the newspaper itself (many of the stories read as if they've simply been reheated from assorted back issues - I can't be sure, I don't buy the Record) and it has even more typos in it than the club's official publication.

The layout is awful, not one photograph offers a caption to explain what's going on and the last hundred pages or so consists of an unreadable list of names.

While reading it I felt the same way as you would if you found a turd floating in your drink.

Apart from that...

But seriously folks, this is awful. It ranks down there with 'You Are My Larsson' by Guidi and Grahame. Simply being aware of who was responsible for it should ensure that it will be winging its way in its thousand to your local branch of Bargain Books.

At 9.99 you don't even have the consolation of knowing that at least you're being ripped off for the benefit of Celtic.


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