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humbled by the Hoops: The Greatest Goals Against Rangers; Celtic FC DVD; 90 mins approx; £14.99

So what do we have here then? A 93 minute production with 213 goals from 118 games against Rangers taken from the last 50 years or so? Sounds good so far.

Of those 118 games we win 66 of and draw 23, which means that we get to 27 goals from 23 games we lost against them (not sure how humbled the H-words felt after those games).

The film is divided up by decade, starting with the 50s. Each ten year period is prefaced with a brief overview of the main players at the club during that time, so for the 50s we have Bertie Peacock, Bobby Evans etc, Jinky and Bobby Lennox for the 60s, Kenny for the 70s and so on.

There are also some key goals from games involving other clubs apart from Rangers (as well as a nice shot of the beach balls from Ibrox in 2003).

These sections have a voice over read by Archie McPherson, but it’s one of this production’s strengths that, save for the odd bit of added commentary, there are no vox pops or talking heads anywhere (a joy compared to some of the cringeworthy nonsense contained in the 1991 video Hail Hail).

Some of the clips in these little intros are fantastic. My favourite was a shot of Davie Hay demolishing Willie Johnston with a tackle so late it was possibly from the previous season.

After the intro we’re straight in to the goals. The 50s starts off with the eight goal thrilleer that was the 1957 League Cup final, but it’s not the usual grainy footage from the stands most of us are familiar with. This is the Pathe news footage, complete with plumy voiced commentary. I had never seen this footage before and it is certainly superior to the previously released efforts (there are some cracking shots of a very still Rangers end of the ground).

Again this is another of the strengths of this DVD; games that we will all be familiar with are given a new dimension thanks to the use of different footage. The 1969 and 1971 cup finals certainly benefit from this.

With each goal you get the scorer and the date of the game, and, by and large, it’s all very enjoyable. Obviously most people over 30 will be familiar with the majority of the goals scored - certainly from the games that we won - and there are few new additions, although a welcome one is the League Cup game from 1971. This features a goal from the precocious Kenny Dalglish and a last minute winner from Jinky, where he towers over all 6ft 4 of Ronnie McKinnon to head the ball in (all that in front of the Copland Road end as well).

There are also games that perhaps haven’t been covered that well but were welcome wins at the time, especially in the 90s; so we have our 3:0 win at Hampden in 1995 and, joy of joys, the Ally Maxwell show from October 1993 (little tip - as Collins takes the corner that produces the winner crank up the volume and listen to the confident keeper yell “Goalkeepers ball” before flapping hopelessly at it as Brian O’Neil head the ball in).

All well and good, but there are some anomalies with Humbled by the Hoops. First of all there are some glaring omissions. There’s nothing from the Liam Brady era, for example. Not one goal, even though we had a couple of decent results against them (he led us to a 2:0 at Ibrox in 1992, Nicholas scoring what was eventually voted Goal of the Season with a volley from the edge of the box).

At the very least I expected to see Cascarino scoring at Ibrox, surely the funniest goal against them in the last 50 years.

Some omissions will clearly be due to the difficulty in obtaining footage. The 70s chapter would have been greatly enhanced if we had seen our last minute cup win at Celtic Park from 1971, or our 3:1 league win in 1972 (Greig scored for them in the last minute and got a cheer from the Celtic fans) or our incredible comeback to snatch a draw from 2 goals down with only 5 minutes to go and a man down at Ibrox in 1979.But it’s wholly possible that there is no remaining footage of these games.

We do get to see a Tom McAdam goal from a 3:1 win in 1979, but that’s the only goal we see from that game. What happened to the other two? I’d rather have seen them than a scuffed effort from Shuggie Edvaldsson in a game we lost 3:1.

While it is quite interesting to see a couple of goals from games we didn’t win (one in particular from Dalglish in 1974 stands out), 27 seems to be labouring the point a bit and I was in no particular rush to see McAvennie’s goal from the 5:1 debacle of 1988 again.

And while Archie mentions Collins scoring in four consecutive games against them we only see three of those. No sign of the second, a stunning goal from a 2:4 defeat at Celtic Park.

At this point I should own up slightly and admit that I wrote to the producers of this DVD when I heard it was happening and did suggest that they include a section featuring goals from games we didn’t win, but the criteria was that they should be crackers (McClair from the 86 league cup final one was of my examples and it is on the DVD). My idea was for a clearly defined section to contain these goals, almost a DVD extra, another feature lacking on a disc from Celtic - it lasts 93 minutes which means there is about 150 minutes of wasted space.Fill it with something guys, use your imagination.

The only other negative things that can be said are that the research for some the goals is basically wrong; both of Paul Wilson’s goals in the Dryburgh Cup final of 1975 are wrongly marked September 1977 (Wilson scored twice against Rangers in a league game at Celtic Park which also finished 2:2, this game isn’t featured and again could be classed as an unusual omission).

Also, £17 for a single disc DVD with no extras on it is a bit steep these days.

That said, this is still one of the better efforts released in recent times, clearly superior to the Hail Hail video and certainly able to stand up to repeat viewings (the true test of these things).

Include it in your list to Santa (just under the two full backs you’re asking for).




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