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The Bhoys From Seville; Scottish Television DVD; 87 minutes; £14.99

The companion piece, if you like, to the club's official football film is STV's release on DVD and video of their Seville documentary. No football on this one. Instead 'The Bhoys From Seville' focuses on the fans and their intrepid endeavours to get to the match in Spain.

STV have gone for the human interest angle and there was obviously no shortage of material. Although we get to follow the adventures of a handful of main subjects, like the 83 year-old from Coatbridge who gets his first passport and makes his debut on a plane in order to get to the final, it appears that around every street corner there was somebody with a story to tell.

My own favourite was Tay Baig, the groom to be who went on a stag trip to London with his mates and ended up in Seville. With a wedding party of 1500 guests waiting for him in Lahore, Pakistan, he is pictured on his mobile phone patiently trying to explain why watching the Bhoys has to take precedence over his wedding arrangements. Eventually he hangs up and when asked what the reaction was he replies, with the understatement of the millennium, "They're no' very happy..." His brother's explanation for this situation is equally outrageous, yet strangely rational under the circumstances. "She's got to understand he's a diehard, a season ticket holder..." Ah well, that's alright then!

The film is full of stories like this, stories that football fans all over the world will love to hear about. Only the real hard core Huns could fail to be impressed.

The DVD contains bonus track which features Scotland Today's live broadcasts from Seville on the day of the match, both the afternoon and the evening segments. Both times the reporter recognises the inadequacy of any description he might be able to find for the scenes all around him and simply lets the pictures speak for themselves.

There's also a short tribute to the Lisbon Lions on the DVD. Nothing much new, just a re-edit of scenes from The Celtic Story mainly, but a pleasant enough ten minutes or so for all that.

All in all, STV have done their best to represent the spirit of the occasion and the result is an excellent film that will be enjoyed by every Celtic fan - whether you were in Seville or not. Recommended.


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