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celtic paranoia book

Celtic Paranoia: The Laptop Loyal Diaries (2002-2009) by Tony Hamilton

395 pages; paperback; £11.78
available from www/lulu.com/content/
6813654 or amazon.com


Assuming you’re the type who looks forward to reading Tony Bananas’ frequent columns in NTV, you’re probably perusing this issue in the comfort of your padded cell in the acute Paranoia wing of the Booby Hatch. Fear not. Proof that you’re not bonkers is contained within the 400 pages of The laptop Loyal Diaries. Point your consultant shrink to the entries on Thugs and Thieves, the treatment of Aiden McGeady and Neil Lennon, the general drivel that passes as football reporting in this country which is little more than cheer leading for Rangers that would make Joe Goebbals cringe and he’ll soon be either signing your release papers or joining you in sticking the y-fronts on the head and the pencils up the nostrils.

Tom Campbell might have done a good job in suggesting that our collective paranoia was ‘all in the mind’, but Hamilton does an equally good one in providing all the evidence you need that the Scottish media have been gobbling up the Winalot by the bucketload. The hacks might have been happier had the resultant pro-Rangers propaganda been consigned to the bin - where it undoubtedly belongs - the day after its publication, but unfortunately for them our intrepid reporter has gathered it together here for the benefit of posterity.

A dirty job, but we should be thankful that someone chose to do it.

If, as you read it, you find yourself wilting under the barrage of evidence, the section at the back entitled ‘The Lickspittle Archives’ contains classic articles from pre-2002, including Traynor’s “succulent lamb” piece. Pure comedy gold.