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celtic the lisbon lions book

Celtic The lisbon Lions: a Celebration of the European Cup Campaign 1967 by Andy Dougan; Virgin Books; 238 pages paperback; £9.99

If you must have a Lisbon fix or if you’re in the market for a present that will keep Uncle Tim quiet during the Christmas festivities then look no further than this updated reprint of Andy Dougan’s book.

First published in 1997, Dougan includes the players’ perspectives on events, of course, but weaves around it the supporters’ experiences, all put within the context of what went on before the arrival of Jock Stein.

Nor do we stop at the final, as subsequent events in Milan and beyond are discussed at length.

In the hands of a good writer, a story such as this, which is part of the fabric of being a Celtic fan - even for those who weren’t born until years later - can still be given a vibrancy that makes it a thoroughly entertaining read.