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Celtic Players' Top 20 CD

This compilation of our faves' fave tunes hit the shops in the run up to Christmas. I must admit I was intrigued as to what the choices would be like. As an avid reader of 'Shoot' during the early 80s, I loved finding out what my idols ate for a pre-match meal, what their favourite soap opera was, who they would most like to meet. Quite a few of them answered 'The Pope' to that last question, most notably Maurice johnston and Neil McCann.

My impression of these long haired heroes, however, was usually sullied, if it hadn't already been with 'steak'n'eggs' and 'Crossroads', by their musical tastes. Week after week we had Luther Vandross, Luther Vandross and Luther Vandross. Therefore I was anticipating my Celtic heroes' halos becoming tarnished and the height of their pedestals being lowered somewhat by this collection of their personal musical tastes.

Sadly, I was not wrong.

Prior to the Milan game we were treated to some of the original Undertones belting out 'Teenage Kicks'. With the untimely death of John Peel, and the playing of this song at his funeral, it was uplifting and pertinent to hear that this was the favourite song of Neil Lennon. Whether our ginger maestro was referring to his time as a teenager with Motherwell is, however, still to be clarified.

The other songs selected by the players are predictably pretty drab; Rab Douglas hints at his fear of handling with his slightly worrying choice - 'Alive and Kicking' by , ahem... Simple Minds; big Sutty goes retro with Gene Pitney's 'Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart' - let's hope it's the Celtic; while young Aiden chooses 'Ride Wit Me' by someone called Nelly. Surely this doesn't lead to him packing his bags and saying goodbye to the Celtic?

There is some decent stuff in the selection - Stone Roses, The Byrds, even Ash, as chosen by Ulrik Laursen, however on the whole it is fairly predictable fayre. But no Luther Vandross, thank God!

Needless to say, the Huns also had a similar CD out. Some interesting tracks listed on their moneyspinner included The Jackson 5's 'I'll Be There' as chosen by Michael Ball. Where he'll be is, at present, unknown. Big Eck's dogged spirit in chasing the champs is portrayed by his selection of 'Don't Give Up' by Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel. Chris Burke chooses '21 Questions' by 50 Cent, first question being why?

Klos had obviously borrowed a CD from El Hadj Diouf as his favourite is 'Spitting Games' by Snow Patrol.

Finding out about our favourite football star's favourite pop stars is still intriguing and still disappointing. Listening to them would , I feel, would be even more disappointing.


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