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The Bhoy Who Would Be King; Freemantle Media; Written, produced and directed by Tony Hamilton and Des O'Hara; 84 minutes; video £14.99 - DVD £19.99

Not even the self-styled 'Celtic Media Team' can go far wrong with this as their subject matter; this video is packed with plenty of the K of Ks 200+ goals (if you missed the first hundred then 'Ton'gue in Cheek is included as a bonus on the DVD) and most of the talking heads say all the right things and they're plopped in more less at the right times.

The K himself features extensively - as you might expect - but he doesn't reveal much that we didn't already know. Being an intensely private individual he isn't the ideal foil for the kind of simpering hagiography lurking just beneath the surface of many of the questions. 'Please don't leave us' is the subtitle appearing underneath most of Tony Hamilton's script.

Thankfully the majority of fans interviewed for the vox pops are able to take a much more mature approach to the imminent departure of our resident living legend.

There are other criticisms I could offer (it's just a bit too formulaic - Larsson's status demands something a bit more out of the ordinary I feel - and most of the goal montages are played out over the kind of soundtrack you normally hear coming down a phone line when you're on hold) but these seem almost sacrilegious under the circumstances.

Larsson has done most of his talking on the pitch and there's enough action to keep you entertained throughout the hour and twenty minutes.

His goal against Rangers when he nutmegs Wurzel Gummidge and lobbed the 'keeper in the 6:2 game is singled out for special attention but when you're reminded of some of the goals this man has scored you'll find plenty that are equally worthy of repeated showing.

Despite being a video by numbers, this will sell in its thousands pre-Christmas, although I can't help feeling that there's more mileage left in Larsson yet for the Commercial Department by way of another official farewell video.


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