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Parkhead Stadium Station

The above picture appears in the book "Old Parkhead". The caption by Charles McDonald reads, "Parkhead Railway Station was renamed Parkhead Stadium in 1952 because of its proximity to Celtic's ground. This picture was taken in June 1963 before the station became a victim of Dr. Beeching's axing of the railway nework. In July 1914 King George V, Queen Mary and their entourage disembarked here for the royal visit to Beardmore's Parkhead Works. In 1989 the derelict railway station was filled in and landscaped."

The station was situated in a cutting overlooked by what is now called Whitby Street but which was then known as Winston Street in honour of Winston Churchill who had married a neice of Lord Newlands.

Behind the building in the background the floodlights of Celtic Park are clearly visible. One of the club's claims to fame was that the floodlight towers were the highest in the world, standing 208 feet above the playing surface.

They were first switched on on 12th October 1959 for a friendly against English champions Wolves.

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