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great celtic team groups of our time
The Celtic team of 1954 ushered in a whole new era for the game. Until they came along, the dour denizens of the Scottish League had insisted that teams appear in monochrome. Defying convention, the Celts appeared in glorious technicolour and the rest, as they say, is history. Reaction from the League was swift and consisted of a threat to shut down Celtic Park unless the Bhoys reverted to playing in their familiar and grey and white hoops but, as anyone who can remember watching Celtic playing post-1954 will confirm, they stood their ground and have appeared in colour ever since.


Whatever became of these Celtic likely lads?

Well, some went on to have varying degrees of success as managers (see McCarthy, Mick to McGhee, Mark) some are still playing (see McKnight, Allen) some have retired from football altogether (see Whyte, Derek - now centre half for Aberdeen) while others have made their names as media pundits (see Walker, Andy). As for Frank McAvennie... he's a difficult one to categorise. Answers on a postcard please.

Champions League? Champions bloody League?! Don't talk tae me aboot the Champions League son! Ah remember the days when we hud a good team. Europe? ah remember the great nights, when ye could take a kerry oot intae the Jungle...