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friendly moments with the old firm

Davie Hay has just made a perfectly fair challenge on the Rangers goalkeeper which will enable him to rest up in hospital for a while.

Meanwhile, unbiased ref Tiny Wharton prepares to stick an impartial knee in Davie's groin.

Picture 1 shows Rangers goalie Peter McCloy trying to find his brain which had become dislodged after he head-butted prostrate Celtic striker Dixie Deans.

Picture 2 shows a Rangers player who fainted when he thought the ref was going to award Celtic a penalty being comforted by a team mate. In fact the referee - Mr JRP (John Reverend Paisley) Gordon did, in fact, award a free-kick to Rangers... while simultaneously sinking the boot into the backside of the downed Celtic striker.

John Brown, ex-Rangers psychopath, shows off the full repertoire of his football skills against Chris Morris with a tackle that perfectly illustrates his trademarks - the full Nelson in conjunction with his infamous reverse sweep groin grinder.

In recognition of his services to the advancement of the treatment of sports injuries (other people's) Brown was given a testimonial. Who says the Huns don't appreciate the finer points of the game?