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ramon vega

Ramon Vega. Six months and three medals; there can't have been a better time- to- medals ratio ever in Scottish football.

The only 'big picture' downside to this is that the Mark Lawrensons of this world will see Vega's time up here as further proof that Scotland has no football worth talking of. I guess we'll just have to do well in the Champions League to fix that.

His arrival was good from several angles; it shored up the defence, it provided another threat at set pieces, and it caught the press totally off guard.

Signed on the Friday night, he made his debut on the Saturday less than 24 hours later. Frankly he couldn't have had an easier debut. Aberdeen had the power and resilience of your average dead mackerel. They even let our new centre half score - twice.

He slotted in nicely between Joos and Johan, although there was always the feeling that he was something of a Tebily hybrid; not quite so error prone, but you felt that if a mistake was going to happen in defence it would be him and it would be a cracker.

That said, he was part of the defence that kept two successive clean sheets against the huns (first time in something like 20 years), and remember the final back three in the February 1:0 game was Vega, Boyd and Tebilly! 'Nuff said.

Even though he only lasted six months there is a feeling that we're getting rid of him at the right time. His performance in the cup final was poor, and his wage demands were utter fantasy.

It has been said that O'Neill likes to sign people who feel they have a point to prove (think of Sutton at Chelsea and Thompson at Villa), and Vega certainly fits the bill. But maybe in his own mind he had now done just that, and he could get complacent again.

We wish him all the best with 'Luca at Watford, and thanks for helping us win the treble.