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adieu donc, puis...



Yep - another loan signing, although this one was from the summer with the option to sign permanently at the end. If you asked in September “Should we sign him?” the answer would have been an emphatic yes. By the end of the season that situation had changed quite dramatically, to the point where when we decided not to take the option even the press could barely stir themselves in to making a big deal of it.

The problem with N’Guemo is that while he does some really good work winning the ball in the midfield, he’s just as likely to not only give it away, but to do so in a way that creates more danger than the player he had just robbed could ever dream of.

Add to that the fact that the guy simply cannot score a goal and we’re not looking at a real asset here.

On his good days he was a bundle of energy, constantly harassing the opposition and more often than not winning the ball (our catastrophic 4-4 with Aberdeen can be put down directly to Mowbray’s baffling decision to sub N’Guemo when he was the one keeping us in the game).

On a bad day he is as good as two men down, especially when the midfield was lined up in a Mowbray formation.

Overall there can be no doubt that he simply didn’t do enough to justify buying him for a couple of million, not when you can get someone like Ledley and hopefully an improvement in Juarez.

He returns to AS Nancy without a winners medal or even a goal to his name.

We wish him well.