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so farewell then...

kenny miller

It’s not often in recent times I’ve thought WGS has made any grave errors, but I fear the decision to let Miller go could be a howler; ok we demolished Hearts 5:0 without him, but it can’t be denied that in the previous two league games this season we would possibly have struggled without him.

When you consider that virtually his last touch as a Celt was to curl the third in against Aberdeen you really have to wonder (and trust) that there is a plan here and hope that we haven’t; simply decided to cash in on a player who was signed for nothing.

After the Aberdeen game Tommy Burns commented that having had a year to settle in at Celtic we could now expect to see the real Kenny Miller. So why would we sell a player just as he’s about to become a real contributor? Just as he’s becoming really popular with the support?

After the Spartak game almost everyone agreed that the one player we had really missed was Miller. He was the obvious choice to replace McDonald after 70 minutes.

Not that I’m blind to the business side of things - £3m for a player picked up for free is, on paper at least, a good bit of business. But what effect will it have on future business?

Personally I would rather have had Miller with us for the season ahead.

Of course in recent days we’ve had further stories stating that Miller had repeatedly asked for a transfer. If this is the case, and Derby was his first choice, then there is nothing to really say about that.

His sniping at Lawell was playground stuff. As WGS said, no one can force you out the door, especially if you’re scoring.

So what can we make of his time with Celtic?

Well it’s a clear 10/10 for effort for a start. The guy ran himself into the ground for the team. The only real criticism was that he didn’t score enough goals; and that was certainly fair comment, although if you had only one season at Celtic and had to pick 6 goals for yourself then one against Rangers, three in the Champions League, a late winner at Kille and a dramatic last minute winner in the cup might have featured fairly high on the list.

Most would say that his goal scoring rate simply wasn’t good enough, but I think this was more to do with the way our team played last season and the state of injuries to our forward line.

Normally Celtic score a lot of goals througout the team and the midfield are usually good for around 20 a season between them. But with Petrov leaving early and Maloney only playing a handful of games before also legging it we were bereft not only of creative players but of goal scorers in that area. The knock-on effect was that fewer chances were made and fewer goals came from other areas of the team. Thus the spotlight focused on the forwards and Miller in particular.

Pub question for you – how many goals did Frank McAvennie score between March 2nd and May 14th (the cup final) in the Centenary season?

Answer: zero, none, zip. He went an entire quarter of the season without a goal. No one noticed, no one was talking of a goal drought, because he was a key part of the team. Other players were hitting the net thanks to his set up play.

For me Miller performed that role last season, we simply didn’t have the players to take advantage of it most of the time.

His departure leaves the squad poorer; we basically now have to pray for the health and wellbeing of Scott McDonald. Without him our forward line is dangerously one dimensional.

KM leaves with an SPL and Scottish Cup winner’s badge.

We wish him well in his bid to avoid relegation this season.



farewell kenny miller