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so farewell then...

ulrik laursen

Apart from Jackie McNamara, Ulrik Laursen is a player who could possibly put up a case for being retained amidst the cull of fringe players going on just now. Given that we're so short of defensive cover it might have made sense to keep him - reduced wages or not - until at least the January transfer window. But it's not to be, and another of MON's 1.5 million signings heads off into the sunset, or in his case back to Denmark to play for Odense.

Signed from Hibs in August 2002, Laursen never looked unduly out of place in the Celtic defence, certainly not at SPL level. A brawny big lad of the type that O'Neill seemed to favour, he usually filled in at full back, although it would have been interesting to see what kind of contribution he would have made in the centre of the defence (something he had in common with Valgaeren).

He will be remembered most fondly for the part he played during the Seville season and, who knows, had it not been for a run of unfortunate and prolonged injuries he might well have had more than a bit part to play during his three years at Celtic Park.

Another wholehearted player who leaves with our best wishes for the future.