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so farewell then ...



The gold standard of January loans and the one that must have had Peter Lawell ready to kill Tony Mowbray only 20 hours after it had been finalised.

We can only guess what Mowbray was thinking when he named Keane in the starting lineup that night at Kilmarnock, given that Keane had been signing autographs at 2am that morning, probably only getting to sleep at about 4 and meeting his new teammates for the first time a couple of hours later can’t have been the best preparation. It might have been more advisable to keep him on the bench, or maybe even not use him at all. As it was he started, looked knackered, missed a couple of chances that he would normally finish easily (can’t really say would have finished in his sleep) and by the end of the game all the impact of his arrival had gone up in a cloud of smoke.

From that point on Keane’s time with us was pretty much a meaningless sideshow and nobody really expected us to get him at the end of the season. Redknapp came out and said no chance after the papers began whipping up a storm (basically so they could run the NO CHANCE headline when Redknapp finally bit at the constant questioning).

That said there was no doubt that he was a class act. Some of his goals were fabulous and he certainly added a bit of colour to another wise hellish run in (and he was one of the players who seemed genuinely distraught after the semi final defeat in the cup, it would have been very easy for him to duck his head and remind himself that he was out of here in a few weeks).

As individual cameo performances for the hoops go it was quite good on a personal level (his goals rate was good) on a professional level is was poor given that he left without a medal when we had (on paper) an easy run to lift the cup.

We wish him all the best.