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so farewell then...


Farewell then Juninho
I don't know
Why Celtic bought you
Neither does Martin O'Neill
How strange

So the wee Brazilian sambas out of Celtic Park and the only question there can possibly be is; Why did we give Middlesborough 1m for this guy in August? Although I suppose you could also ask; Why were the Boro fans so upset when he left?

His departure means that both of our summer signings have now spun out of the revolving door without having made much of an impact. Surely that must reflect on the manager who bought them?

His arrival was timed perfectly to boost morale prior to the first game against Rangers, and it worked. He was the best man on the park by a mile, truth be told he was the only one who really tried to play the game.

But rather than provide a springboard for a fruitful Celtic career, that game represented the high water mark of his time at Celtic.

Put bluntly, the manager appeared not to know what to do with him, which is very concerning considering the money situation right now. If there wasn't a plan for him why did we part with the money? He never seemed truly part of the team, but that isn't surprising given that he never really got a run in it. His appearances as a sub were noteworthy only for the fact that he could expect to be played in almost any position, again the manager seemingly having no real idea where to play him.

On the other side of the coin was the fact that Juninho didn't appear to be... well... that good really. He certainly wasn't a patch on Lubo; he even fell short of the not-so-high standards that Berkovic set. There is a difference standing out in a Middlesborough team that won't face 10 man defences, or even playing in a Brazil team where you certainly aren't the main threat, and playing in a Celtic team that will face Killie in no mood concede a goal, but quite in the mood to remove your ankles.

Perhaps he just wasn't up to the task. Which brings us nicely back to why did we buy him?

If he's remembered for anything it will be his horror show empty net miss at Tannadice. Some of us won't even remember that.