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so farewell then...


And so to the equally mysterious tale of Jiri Jarosik, a player almost the reverse of Zurawski in that Jarosik was the player who would show every positive attribute he had against the likes of Milan but who would simply vanish against St Mirren or Motherwell.

Signed in the summer of 2006 from Chelsea, having had a spell at Birmingham when he couldn’t break in to the Stamford Bridge first eleven, he was something of an unknown quantity, although he had played well and scored against Rangers for CSKA Moscow the previous season. At the press conference announcing his signing he described himself as a midfielder who could score goals with either foot, prompting WGS to say “Great, you’re even better than I thought then”.

His debut against Kilmarnock looked promising as well, a tidy, effective performance capped off with headed goal.

The next two games were both away from home and he all but vanished during them and that really set the pattern for the season - one decent game followed by a couple of duds. A couple of weeks out then repeat from the beginning.

Looking back at last season, though, it is amazing how often he popped up at a vital moment; he was the player fouled both times against Manchester United in the Champions League allowing Naka to score and he was the scorer himself of two vital goals against Hearts; the equaliser in October and the winner in January.

But he was never consistent enough and occasionally it felt like we were playing with 10 men.

Like Gravesen he couldn’t even make the bench for the Cup Final and to all intents it looked like he would have one season here then move on.

Yet WGS saw something in Jarosik, something he apparently felt worth persevering with. In fact, at the start of this season he went as far as to say that he wouldn’t be giving up on a player like Jarosik.

But injury put paid to the start of the season and it was only with the arrival of Milan at Celtic Park that he made his way into the first team, a surprise inclusion to say the least.

He acquitted himself well that night, playing the left midfield role, and we all hoped that that performance might be the start of a decent run for him. But again, him form in the league was inconsistent and he found himself either benched or subbed during games.

Unlike Zurawski Jarosik has actually had nothing but good things to say about the club and Glasgow.

He leaves as a talent unfulfilled.

We wish him all the best.



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