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so farewell then...

magnus hedman

While we're on the subject of trashing goalkeepers, let's also bid adieu to the train wreck that was Magnus Hedman.

Another 1.5 million was spent by MON in bringing the big Swede to Celtic Park from Coventry City. If it was an admission that the other million and a half quid spent on Rab was a bit speculative then the phrase 'good money after bad' springs to mind here.

Initial impressions were favourable. He certainly looked the part, and he was an international for Sweden after all, so he couldn't be that bad... could he?

Please bear in mind that these initial impression were being formed during his first warm up at Celtic Park. A moment's pause for reflection brought to mind the last World Cup. It was all coming back to me now; wasn't that Hedman who was doing a fair impression of one of the Lost Boys from Peter pan when England scored their equaliser against the Swedes?

In mitigation he did passably well in his first few SPL games until it was time for him to take up his starring role in Carry On Champions League. Once the opposition discovered his weak spots - shots from distances fired straight at him and aimless crosses drifting across the penalty area - the game was well and truly a-bogey.

His one moment of glory ironically enough, also came in the Champions League when he saved a penalty against Anderlecht. He then saved the rebound as well, only to see the ball smashed into the net at the third attempt. So confident were his defenders in his ability to save the day that they all stood by watching this spectacle unfold with their hands on their hips and their jaws hanging halfway down their chests.

Despite everything his manager stood by him, reinstating him between the sticks more than once. But each time he was offered a lifeline to grab he would either get injured or promptly drop it.

His personal circumstances merely added to the general calamity.

The fact that he couldn't see off the competition of Rab Douglas or a twenty year-old rookie sadly sums up his time at Celtic Park. He departs 'by mutual consent' to where we know not.

We hope he can resurrect some kind of career for himself - as long as it's somewhere far away from us.