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so farewell then...

colin healy

Farewell to another great white hope at Celtic Park. Good enough to be picked for his country, not good enough for Celtic. It would be a conundrum if you hadn't seen him play. Really the question must be - How does he get a game for Ireland?

Healy has had 4 years of, admittedly sporadic, first team football, but never established himself.

Dr. Venglos gave him his debut toward the end of his season at the helm, and Healy actually looked OK. He was eager and could certainly tackle. The rest was just rough edges.

Barnes arrived, and Healy was back in the reserves, although curiously Dalglish played him in his first game in charge after his protege had been shown the door. Indeed he even got his first goal that day (against Rab Douglas no less).

O'Neill seemed to take to him at first. He featured regularly in 2000-01, and picked up a League Cup winners medal. But he never really seemed to develop.

His first touch was dodgy, he wasn't the quickest, and he didn't really possess a 'killer' pass. Any comparisons with Roy Keane begin and end with their shared place of birth.

Last season there was a press campaign to have him in the first team, but O'Neill seemed more interested in getting him out the door. I'll leave it to you to decide why. The pub fonts of all knowledge have already had their say.

After loan spells with just about any team you care to mention he's joined Mick McCarthy at Sunderland. We wish him all the best.