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so farewell then...

tommy gravesen

Well, where to begin with this one?

First off, of course, we haven’t actually managed to punt him yet. At the end of the season we could still be attempting to flog one bald Dane on EBay if Everton don’t want him.

If the pub tales are to be believed then his transfer to Real was a mistake in the first place. They signed the wrong bald guy.

So what’s our excuse?

On the face of it it was the transfer that almost couldn’t fail; an experienced international player who had held down a first team place with Real Madrid. The general feeling was that he should be able to dominate in the SPL.

Nope. Barely made any real positive impact in most of our big games.

His supporters could point to two goals against Rangers, but while the second was a belter, the first was stolen from McGeady (the ball was dropping in, Graveson just made sure).

They might also add his hat-trick at Love Street and his superb goal against Falkirk.

His detractors could cite almost every other second he was on the pitch for Celtic.

I’m not sure of the Opta stats but Graveson must be in the running for the top slot in the “Caught in possession” category.

Then of course there was Old Trafford. Bad enough that he gifted them the first goal with a slack pass in front of the back four, but to repeat the trick for the third was unbelievable. His appearances in the Champions League were somewhat limited after that.

The writing has been on the wall (six feet high, written in luminous green paint) since the Cup Ffinal – he didn’t even get a seat on the bench.

This season he’s been confined to the U21s and has stood out only as a player who, you guessed it, gets caught in possession a lot.

What can’t be denied is his infectious enthusiasm for the game, and apparently for the club. The guy has given the impression of loving his time at Celtic. WGS was praising his attitude on the training ground not so long ago.

But it appears that every time he crosses the white line wearing a Celtic top it all goes wrong. His touch is often poor (what is that rolling the foot over the top of the ball caper all about?), his awareness weak and he seems unable to follow even basic instructions (rumour had it that last time we went to Ibrox WGS wanted to replace him after 8 minutes. Eight!!)

So he’s back to where he started, and even helped the Toffees with an assist for a goal on his debut.

While we do wish him well, it’s safe to say - and don’t take this the wrong way - we’d rather not see him back at Celtic Park as a player.



farewell tommy gravesen