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so farewell then...

mark fotheringham

And so here we are again saying goodbye to yet another of the once great hopes for the future. For Fotheringham read Lynch, really.

Most people will remember Mark Fotheringham as the player who, while playing for the under-21s, escaped the attentions of a defender by flicking the ball up over his own head, and that of his bemused marker. So impressive was this piece of skill the Celtic website actually made it available in a movie file for people to down load and enjoy. Tellingly, the manager's reaction to this was to him to keep it simple in future.

His first team appearances have been few and far between. One of the few 90 minutes he got was the last league game of the 2000 -01 season when we were resting players prior to the cup final. Having heard so much about him the performance he gave was disappointing to say the least. In a turgid game he did nothing to stand out.

As with the departure of any player the rumour mill has been churning. The story that recurs most is one of ego outweighing talent.

We wish him well for his future.