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so farewell then...


And so to the departure of Willo Flood.

Well what can you say? Should he have been brought to the club in the first place? Did he achieve anything here? And why has he re-joined the manager who didn’t play him?

He arrived this time last year from Dundee United to the sound of many heads being scratched and from a year’s distance it’s still a puzzle as to why he was ever considered for Celtic.

The timing of his arrival was equally curious; we signed him after he had almost put us out of the League Cup, but before he had a chance to try and take points from Rangers as the main man in United’s midfield.

His transfer had been floated in the press for a week or so beforehand, so much so that Flood himself came out in the press basically to tell the club to “Put up or shut up”.

He made his debut against Rangers a few weeks later and did alright, creating the one real chance of the game - a cross on to the head of McDonald inside the six yard box. Somehow the striker didn’t make enough contact and the ball drifted wide.

But that was pretty much the start and the end. He barely featured again even on the bench.

The change of manager didn’t offer any improved chances for young Willo after the pre-season. He was the forgotten man.

Gordon Strachan at least had the good taste to take him off our hands and has played him at the Riverside.