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so farewell then...

mo camara

So farewell then Mo Camara
Celtic's worst ever left back?
That would make you worse
Than Brian Whittaker
But you were.

Hosanna, joy, rapture; we are finally rid of the hapless Mo Camara, as poor a left back as we've seen in that blighted position in recent years.

It's not usual form in this column to give a departing player a bit of a kicking - even Magnus Hedman got off lightly - so we'll tone it down a bit, but with the best will in the world this guy should never have been allowed anywhere near a Celtic squad.

Signed by Gordon Strachan last year (although the deal was apparently instigated by Martin O'Neill) Camara went straight into the first team for the Champions League qualifying tie in Bratislava. A legend was born.

Mark opponents, tackle, read the offside line, cross the ball: a few of the attributes of a competent defender that were seemingly beyond Mo's capabilities.

In his first league home game against Dundee United he overlapped down the wing and ran the ball straight out of play twice in the first half. We literally hadn't seen anything like it for years.

Defensively he was a calling card to the opposition to come and have a go down his flank; marking was a task carried out at about four yards distance in Mo's coaching manual while tackling is only something that correctly positioned defenders have to worry about, so there was no need for Mo to worry about that.

His sympathisers pointed to his debut at Ibrox as evidence that he wasn't completely useless and while none of their goals came through him the idea that he had coped admirably didn't hold up to any kind of examination - he was still more of a liability than an asset.

The fact that he was part of a Celtic team that locked Rangers out twice is hugely amusing. The fact That he now has an SPL medal on his wall is kind of depressing.

He never scored for Celtic and never even came close. He set up a few goals, but will sadly be remembered, if at all, more for breaking down many a promising Celtic move.

My heart felt thanks to Derby for taking him.