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Zo dat vaarwel dan...



Hands up those out there who had to pick their jaw off the floor during the world cup final when Edson Braffheid strolled on to the park, replacing Van Bronkhurst no less? Yeah that’ll be everyone.

“How?” and “Why?” Were the automatic reactions to watching a guy who regularly fell short of SPL standard entering the most prestigious game the world has to offer.

Braafheid was yet another January loan, this time from Bayern Munich, who had signed him the previous summer from Steve McLaren’s Twente. Word from Germany was that the Bayern support hadn’t really taken to him and whilst that wasn’t encouraging it must be noted that he was trying fill the shoes of Lizarazu, not an easy task.

However, it must be said that the Bavarians have called it right this time. It’s one thing to beat a Dunfermline defender to make a goal. It’s another to be beaten by a Dunfermline player to make another. Put simply the guy doesn’t have the brain to be a decent defender or the skills to cut it further up the park and I’m talking about SPL standard here not Bundesliga.

As quickly as he appeared he disappeared. Even Mowbray seemed so suss this guy out quite quickly. The usual noises of “I’d love to stay here” were made but I’ll quite happily see Edson float back to Bayern confident that we can get a better player somewhere.