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NTV editorials and feature articles
Not paying the penalty Douglas Beattie of Celticunderground.net on what might just have been a hugely significant decision by Dougie McDonald - albeit not the intended effect!
Is this the last year we will debate the poppy on the jersey? Auldheid reports on the latest developments between Celtic and Poppyscotland
Celtic, Poppies and The Ever-
Increasing Hero-fication of
National Militarism
John Kelly on the annual manufacture of consent
A tipping point? Jim Payne on the importance of this season for the future wellbeing of the club
cloggers 2010 Hearts regain the title
What is this thing called Celtic? Bloemfontein Celtic - more than a club
Good luck Neil Lennon Despite the disappointing result against Braga there’s no reason to be too despondent about Neil Lennon’s new Celtic team
Engaging the Fans Celtic and the Social Media Revolution
into the abyss? Jim Payne reflects on mistakes of the past and ponders an uncertain future for the club
risk management the celtic way Celtic Underground’s James Kelly on the prospects for our new manager... whoever that might be
the third open meeting of celtic supporters an account of the meeting by Auldheid
why referees are the least of our problems The problems currently afflicting Celtic go far deeper than being on the receiving end of dodgy refereeing decisions.
where to now celtic? It’s time to face up to it; we have a busted flush on our hands and we have to take action.
looking for the corner to turn When the debate has already started about ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ your days are probably numbered.
team of the decade Andy Murdoch’s article in NTV 180 is followed up by CQN’s Paul 67, together with a selection of comments from the posters on Celtic Quick News.
state of the club address november 2009 delivered once again by the right irreverent jim payne
the mysterious world of the sfa kyle laughable - review panel hypocrisy
the highs and lows of the noughties Andy Murdoch takes a nostalgic ramble down Amnesia Lane to recall some of the memorable moments of the last decade.
noughties not too bad trophy count reveals third most succesful decade in the club’s history
israeli football the politics of play
the price isn't right downsizing continues but the price remains the same
rangers get more penalties than any other team in the league what a shock!!
our hooped heroes class of 2009
shut that window, there's a draught in here tough challenges ahead for pruned down squad
cloggers 2009 kilmarnock hack heats off top spot
welcome home tony mowbray wgs checks out as the mogga years get off to a promising start
ntv survey 2009 is anybody listening?
celtic at another crossroads big decisions lie ahead for the board as WGS strives for four-in-a-row
not much joy on the road revenge of the killer draws blights celtic’s season
declining quality must be addressed regardless of whether we win the league or not the quality of the team must be improved
tough decisions ahead for all concerned 12 game league starts now
state of the club address 2009 delivered by the right irreverent jim payne
mid term report 2009 George of the Jungle on the class of '09
show hypocrisy the red card scottish hacks are not the only ones who find anti-irish racism difficult to deal with
these things balance themselves out an old hack mantra revived
big two's finances compared uncomfortable reading for the dark side
if you tolerate this... new depths are plumbed in the rangers end
call it what it is it's racism
tommy burns tribute to a great celt
celtic must guard against complacency the quest for four in a row begins with a warning from george of the north stand
darlinda's predictions 2008 the great jungolio gazes into the tealeaves once again
cloggers 2008 hearts retain the title
champs in good shape to defend title how about doing it the celtic way?
extraordinary climax ahead the pressure's beginning to tell on smith
celtic and rangers accounts... ...show professionalism gap
eight games to turn season around and the scandal of robbogate
encouraging transfer window plus rangers shame in barcelona
mid term report 2008 George of the Jungle on the class of '08
all quiet on the east end front the 2007 agm is a bit of a damp squib
manager's record deserves support if we don't, who will?
big jock knew it's just the shame old story
nostratimus predicts the future is green a look into the future
cloggers 2007 hearts reclaim the title
aiden mcgeady your time has come could this be the season that the young protege steps up to the plate?
normal service to resume again... The aftermath of another summer transfer window
cloggers 2006 Livingston go down fighting... and kicking
Darlinda's predictions 2006 our resident prophetess of doom casts the runes
champions have to show their mettle once again... ... or, who's afraid of Paul le Guen?
a work in progress... hopefully! thoughts on the pre-season games
strachan has the last laugh but knows there's more urgent work to be done no time for resting on laurels... the Champs League awaits!
who was who in 2006 last season's squad reviewed by George of the Jungle
brian quinn on strachan, money, the media and england paul 67 of CQN reports on the chairman's recent interview broadcast on celtic tv
strachan's celtic deserve praise for a job well done: UEFA investigation might ruffle feathers at the SFA the laptop loyal and the SFA face their own interesting paradoxes in the coming weeks
shareholders are we Celtic and rangers' interim accounts make for quite a contrast
straight dealing a comparison of MON and WGS's transfer dealings
fixture poser more ammunition for the conspiracy theorists
strachan doing well on a limited budget despite what we're being told by keevins and crew
every celtic silver lining has a media manufactured cloud the share issue is a huge success... although you'd hardly realise it from reports in the media
bosmans sighted in paradise an interesting new development in the club's signing policy
roy keane signing not the disaster the press would have us believe welcome to the family Roy
the best ever, ever, ever... a tribute to the greatest European achievment in Scottish football history
murray international balance sheet supported by £93 million of goodwill some notes on David Murray's accounts courtesy of CQN
shareholders are we Barrow Bhoy's take on the December share issue
consistency the key to a winning team November's wobble against Dunfermline
15 point gap a tantalising prospect A post-CIS Cup reflection
The Celtic PLC AGM 2004 The Celtic Trust's report of the AGM
lots of positives from september... ... will we still be smiling in a month's time?
the ref's notebook Stuart Dougal's strange double standards regarding swearing and the strange case of the glasgow derby refs
shut that transfer window... there's a draught coming in The off-season's transfer activity shows the real relative worth of Celtic and Rangers
cloggers 2005 The title goes back to Edinburgh
The Celtic PLC AGM 2005 And some comments thereon courtesy of Celtic Quick News
Strachan has a hard act to follow George of the Jungle assesses Strachan's prospects for the new season
Darlinda of the Jungle's Predictions for 2005-06 Our resident old crone casts the runes
old guard finally meet their waterloo After Motherwell there's a big rebuilding job to be done.
refs, the laptop loyal and THAT penalty The media response to the Dallas and Davies show.
Tyniegate and the strange case of the celtic supporting referee Or why it's well worth trying to get a ref demoted... as long as you're Rangers or Hearts.
Bellamy - a test of the board's ambition? George of the Jungle does the sums
international bright young things Compare and contrast Aiden McGeady's treatment in the press with another two young players who have rejected Scotland
January's the real deal The transfer window - more exciting than an SPL game
MON five years on: the rebuilding job starts now Where to next for MON's Celts?
Ibrox furore should not cloud the real issues A (nearly) sober look at events surrounding Ibroxgate
The Celtic PLC AGM 2004 The Celtic Trust's report of the AGM
european lessons there to be learned from Post Shakhtar Champions League reaction
old firm no more Announcing our complete disassociation from the phrase 'old firm'
roll out the barrowfield Time for the board to get the finger out on the promised training facility
Rome wasn't built in a day - and neither was ac milan Champions League reaction
crikey dave, you nearly had going there! More of David Murray's nonsense
barca game told us nothing new What lessons can we learn from the Barca defeat?
cloggers 2004 Hibs limp off with Motherwell's coveted title
O'Neill staying put is another boost for morale Manfred Lurker can't help feeling optimistic at the start of the new season
who was who in 2004 last season's squad reviewed by JB Banal
International bright young thing Manfred Lurker on the media's Aiden McGeady furore
So long and thanks for all the goals Looking forward to the Cup Final
Hang the dj A treatise on the irritation of aural intrusions at Celtic Park
Reasons to be cheerful But no reasons to be complacent
Life's a beach NTV's equivalent of a post-Barcelona cigarette
The Bunnet - ten years on Ten years after the revolution - a look back at McCann's contribution to Celtic
Of ticket rip-offs and machinations at the SFA £29 to watch an Old Firm cup tie and the strange case of the SFA and Fernando Ricksen
Domestic dominance paves way for return to the Champs League Almost sober reflections on the start of the new year
Miller leaves a nasty taste Jim Payne on Millergate
Consolation Cup still better than watching the Bill A post-Lyon audit
White knuckle ride awaits in round 5 of champs league Preview of the final showdowns with Bayern and Lyon
home comforts compensate for away disappointments in CL Preview of the Anderlecht match at Celtic Park
The free birds fly for everyone Barrow bhoy looks at a perennial Parkhead favourite
survey results 2003 Find out what our readers think about last season
O'Neill restores balance of power while working ordinary miracles Another Old Firm victory at Ibrox
The Celtic PLC AGM 2003 The Trust's report of the AGM
money men not flavour of the month The lack of new faces has prompted cries of 'where's the money gone?'
a supporter on the board: the celtic trust resolution to the agm The Trust's case for fan representation
all quiet on the transfer front The new season kicks off with mostly familiar faces
who was who in 2003 last season's squad reviewed by AT Henry
cloggers 2003 Motherwell limp off with the title again
Hobson's choice Barrowbhoy looks at the latest financial figures
another year in paradise Domestic trophies or European finals?
poised on the brink of destiny The title run-in pre-Seville
just the ticket Ticket Services manager John Paul Taylor speaks to NTV
it's not over until it's over The pursuit of glory
we've lost that losing feeling This winning in Europe lark is growing on us
spot the balle Tom Shields reports from Stuttgart
OFM keeps rolling along reaction to the manager's new contract
Half year accounts Quinn blames Champions League failure for poor figures
Lynch and Healey Whatever happens to the likely lads?
transfer window snibbed To buy or not to buy, that is the question
drink beer Some thoughts on the new sponsors
have the board learned their euro lesson? Time for the Big Push?
gimme gimme gimme Last season's Champions League cash
what now after the rovers return? Post-Blackburn reaction
a suitable case for treatment? Tom Campbell's paranoia update
P.Ness A tribute to Sadam on the eve of the Blackburn game
Celtic accounts 2002 Barrow Bhoy reports
agm report 2002 The Celtic Trust report from this year's AGM
season preview 2002 George of the Jungle looks at our post-Basel prospects
who was who in 2002 last season's players rated
cloggers crime count 2002 All the stats about last season's dirty bastards
kits oot fur the bhoys Our resident fashion critic runs a bleary eye over the new away kit
O'Neill is still OUR Blessed Martin (for another season at least) Another close season of managerial speculation comes to its conclusion and the Blessed Martin is still at Parkhead
O'Neill is still the Blessed Martin Despite what you might think from reading the papers, it has been another triumphant romp to the title.
Quinn denies return of the biscuit tin Marmaduke Baglehole comments on Brian Quinn's post-share issue pronouncements about the state of Celtic's finances
2001: a spaced out odyssey George of the Jungle takes a misty-eyed look back at 2001
champions league review 2001 A look back at Celtic's first kickabouts in the big boys' playground (NTV 97)
Fergus, the 'H' Word and Nil By Mouth Gregory Campbell puts the case for Cara Henderson and Nil By Mouth (NTV 97)
Tom Campbell interview renowned Celtic author Tom Campbell talks about his latest book, Celtic's Paranoia; all in the Mind?
cloggers crime count 2001 Hugh Texas reviews a season of clogging
agm report 2001 Manfred Lurker was our fly on the chicken satay at this year's AGM
(from NTV 96)
the H word Dismayed at the banning of the word "Hun" from all things officially Celtic, the e-tims hit back
Jim McCluskey interview not quite an interview with a vampire but the nearest thing to it. Tom Campbell interviewed retired ref Jim McCluskey for his new book
(from NTV 96)
who will Desmond sell us to? Dermot Desmond now effectively owns Celtic. What lies ahead? Barrow Bhoy speculates.
(from NTV 95)
summer of love a review of the 2001 close season by Marmaduke Baglehole
(from NTV 94)
another year in Paradise Manfred Lurker looks back at the 2000-2001 season
(from NTV 94)
it's only just begun our predictions about Martin O'Neill prove to be spookily accurate
(from NTV 93)